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 Chartered Management Institute
 Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
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Advanced Thinking Skills

The ability to think ‘out of the box’ is one of the defining qualities of successful leaders. And yet in so many organisations adherence to policy and procedure is an absolute requirement. We look at how the two strands can sit alongside one another by enhancing an understanding of the dichotomy and then applying a clear personal values and beliefs framework to make positive and creative choices.

This programme develops creative and strategic thinking by developing:

  • A clear understanding of different types of thinking and how to apply them to wider strategic, political and environmental challenges
  • An understanding of personal values and beliefs and the impact of these when making high level decisions
  • A clear understanding of the impact of different cultural values and beliefs on strategic thinking
  • An understanding of a range of creative thinking models and how to apply them
  • Strategies to consider the impact of the constraints on creative solutions and how to ameliorate them