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 Sun Chemical

Sun Chemical, a global business, partnered with Zest as we were looking for a unique and personal service which was professional and flexible. Zest Business Coaching has delivered over and above their promises, we have built extremely good relationships with the partners and have already seen the benefits that they can bring to our talent management needs.

Louise Clarke
HR Development Manager, Sun Chemical Ltd

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 Fast Lane

During this rapid period of growth for Fast Lane, it is vital the talented individuals that make up our leadership team are totally gelled and focused as a team on the business challenges ahead. I am delighted that this programme has enlightened the group and equipped us to be a winning team and I have every confidence we can now produce outstanding results.

All credit to the Zest team for conducting such an excellent programme for us in such an enjoyable way.

Andy Turner
Managing Director, Fast Lane Consulting and Education Services

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 Parkeon Transit

Our company had gone through a European merger and we were experiencing some of the classic change management challenges: conflict, understanding vision, integration and a host of other middle to senior manager needs.

We worked closely with Zest who designed a series of workshops and training days from conflict management to commercial awareness. This is where I see the difference and success - they consult properly first, they really understand our culture and use the word 'bespoke' in its truest form.

I felt like they were part of the team and were dedicated to supporting us in the way ahead, and they continue to be there for us as we move ahead.

Jacki O’Shea
UK HR Manager, Parkeon Transit

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 Civil Nuclear Constabulary

Thanks again for a very enjoyable experience, I shall make a point of recommending it for all the leaders in the Constabulary.

Head of Management Accounts
Civil Nuclear Constabulary

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 Westminster Drug Project

This is fantastic; I cannot recommend nor praise it highly enough. For someone who had been petrified of the interview process for years and constantly came away disheartened, I went on to have the best interview in my life and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. For me, just a short time with a coach provided me with a ‘life skill’ that I wish I’d been aware of years ago.

Performance Manager
Westminster Drug Project

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 Thames Valley Police

Elaine came into our organisation and very quickly grasped the culture and the transition needed to bring about our coaching revolution. She built excellent relationships with key people and has worked very hard with us to bring about our coaching culture.
Alison Sercombe
HR Business Partner - Leadership & Career Development, Thames Valley Police

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As a clearly hierarchical organisation, the police service has traditionally adopted a ‘do as I say’ leadership culture. A general reticence to embrace change exists in the misplaced belief that ‘this is how it has always been, therefore it is right’ is the way to get things done.

Since entering the world of coaching I now, unreservedly, buy into it as the primary tool for improved performance and personal development. Seeing individuals become empowered by their own problem solving with subtle nudges and prompts is incredibly motivating both for them and the coach.

For me, coaching isn’t necessarily the best way to get the best from my teams ... it is the only way!

I am confident that as our coaching culture grows here in Reading our performance will continue to improve.

‘If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got’!

Stuart Greenfield
Superintendent, Thames Valley Police

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An inspector (PJ) was intent on submitting a promotion application to Chief Inspector. The individual felt that she was ready to take the step up and the application required my endorsement.

However, I felt that she had significant gaps in her ‘strategic awareness’ and, consequently, would be unlikely to succeed without further personal development in this area. Initially she reacted negatively to my perceived lack of support but agreed to enter a meaningful dialogue.

Over the next few weeks, using the GROW model, I coached PJ to see the ‘bigger picture’ and to seize control of her personal development. Through this professional relationship, she has subsequently been accepted onto the Thames Valley Police Talent Management Cohort and secured a staff officer post with The Chief Constable’s Management Team, both of which, I am confident, will fill the gaps and bring about a successful promotion within 12 months.

Stuart Greenfield
Superintendent, Thames Valley Police

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My experiences, using my coaching skills as a newly promoted Sergeant have been 50/50:

Prior to actually formally receiving training I was unofficially coaching for many years. This enabled me to work with a variety of officers and police staff. Since receiving training and getting promoted, I used my coaching skills as a newly promoted sergeant with a number of officers on my team. I inherited a young team, some of whom had already passed their sergeants and CID exams and were keen to progress their careers.

Time permitting, I actually really enjoyed this, setting objectives in the PDR’s and have a number of informal chats about goal setting. I was able to have honest conversations about their career perceptions and set realistic goals.

My frustration, that many other supervisors share, is that working in a busy area does not allow me to sit down with officers on a regular basis, which can have a negative impact on the officers. I also feel that Inspector’s have a key role to play in the process-they should support the coaching and allow Sergeants to actually meet with the officers on a regular basis.

Some supervisor’s have negative opinions about coaching, as training environment is very different to the ‘real’ world – I understand that but we all have a responsibility to progress our staff and coaching is an excellent way of doing this.

To summarise, I wish I had more time to coach my team, senior managers have an important part to play in this – they must endorse this in Sergeants PDR’s and allow them to actually spend time with their officers.

Nindy Sidhu
Sergeant, Thames Valley Police

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There was a time when I thought managing performance was all about putting policies and procedures into place and shouting at people who didn’t deliver, and for a while it worked. However once the impact of shouting people started to wear off I was left struggling. Then I discovered coaching, this enabled me to understand what made people tick and what people needed to help them deliver performance, it enabled me to get the best out of people and how to help them achieve their objectives. Not only did it help increase performance it was significantly less stressful all round!

Andy Boyd
Superintendent, Thames Valley Police

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I really found the day very valuable on both a personal and professional level. the course encourages you to expose some of those inner demons and deal with them rather than letting them define you. one of the most thought provoking and encouraging training sessions i have ever been on. i have taken so much away from this day – since then i have been successful in gaining promotion and gaining confidence to stop comparing myself against others and being happy being me. thank you so much.

Kay Hannam
High Tech Crime Unit Supervisor, Thames Valley Police

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