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Coaching High Performance Teams

A team is a small number of people who possess complementary skills and are united towards a common purpose in your business.

If you are in an organisation you are in a team, if you are in charge you will have a team, if you want performance improvement you will need a team. A highly effective team is an incredible force to be reckoned with and without exception such a team will have an extremely skilled coach.

Zest team coaches will work with your identified teams and take them from working groups to high performance through practical and challenging focus work to produce strong commitment, understanding of each other and good decision making towards performance goals; the job gets done and the team develops at the same time.

Case Study

Team Business Coaching - Fastlane Consultancy Services

Zest worked alongside this ICT training company to identify and maximise team working and communication processes. We started with a series of introductory sessions to identify the ‘real’ team locations and then profiled the style of each member of their senior group. Stage two then involved coaching this senior team through goal setting practices, collaborative working, efficient communication and consistent target setting.

The Zest coaches were always independently available to check, balance and challenge some of the progression and team behaviours whilst impartially supporting the process. This regular coaching produced a highly competitive and cohesive senior unit who understand each other, drive the same direction and ultimately become a formidable group for their competitors.