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Executive 1-2-1 Coaching

At Zest we understand that the ‘day job’ can be all-consuming, time out for business development or strategic planning can seem like a luxury. We also understand that clients who invest precious time out to reflect and to think ahead recognise the benefits with immediate effect.

Zest offers experienced and qualified executive business coaches who will be invaluable in clarifying current performance and future goals for you and your business and in challenging and motivating you to become the best you can be.

Case Study

Senior Leader in Public Sector Organisation

The senior leader was struggling to effectively communicate with all members of his team, to the point where one was considering a grievance procedure. The organisation recognised that this leader had considerable talent, however, his personal management and communication style sometimes came across as much too brusque to get the best out of some of his direct reports.

Elaine worked with him over a period of 6 months initially and then continued remote coaching on an as needed basis to support his transformation from a very good operational leader, to someone who was able to elicit the best from a much wider group and whose team then became one of the highest performing teams within the organisation. As a result, the senior leader not only gained a huge amount on a personal level, he was also promoted.